Eric Church Stumps Keith Urban

Keith Eric 2-26-15Eric Church and Keith Urban play a musical game with each other.  They each try to stump the other with obscure or unusual songs.  Earlier this year, Keith told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that Eric found a real winner:

“He hipped me to the quirkiest, weirdest thing right before Christmas.  I’m trying to see if I still have it.  The New Vaudeville Band?  This is Eric Church’s recommendation. (he plays a little from his phone)  It’s Winchester Cathedral!  He goes ‘I’m not sure if it’s terrible or brilliant!”

Lon played that clip for Eric, and said, “True story! And I’m still not sure if it’s terrible or brilliant.  It’s somewhere between the two, which is what I think compels me.  I’ve never been a middle of the road guy. I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I love trying to find something that I don’t think he’s found.  That’s fun, cause you’re digging, you’re looking, you’re letting stuff hit you certain ways.  That’s why I cherish that relationship. I don’t have that relationship with anyone else musician-wise.  So to have that with him is neat.”

Listen to Keith & Eric play the song game here:

Eric & Keith shared another musical experience in June.  The two were guests of rocker Jack White at his Nashville studio Third Man Records.  Eric described what was happening to Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“We got a chance to see Pearl Jam play at Third Man Records.  They had a little 100-person show, and they cut it live to record. I got to watch them cut a live album, and I was with Keith.  One of my top 3 favorite things I’ve ever done, was to be there with him and hear it. That’s the best band I’ve ever seen.  To be beside Keith and to share that musically with another musician was really something.  We talked about it afterwards.  He’s a musician’s musician, and an artist’s artist.  That’s a great relationship to have, and I’m fortunate to have it with him.”

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