Kenny Chesney’s Memory of Peyton

kenny-peytonFans know that Kenny Chesney has been friends with Peyton Manning for a long time.  In fact, Kenny was already having hits on the radio when Peyton was playing football at the University of Tennessee.  Kenny shared memories of Peyton with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“Peyton loves country music.  I’ll never forget it. There were a couple of years, before social media, that Peyton would go on the road with us for a weekend, to play golf with the guys, and Peyton would put a guitar on.  I remember a couple nights when Peyton walked on with the band and pretended to play.  We wouldn’t plug his guitar in. People wouldn’t notice it until I started to introduce the band.  I’d say, ‘By the way, a new member of the band over here, from New Orleans, Peyton Manning.’  And you could see the shock on people’s faces that it really was Peyton Manning.  And it was all fake.  Peyton only knew G-position on the guitar and he stayed there all night long.”

A few months ago, Jake Owen told us about a Peyton Manning retirement party in June, and you weren’t able to attend.  Why? “I was doing a show in Prince Edward Island Canada that weekend. The party was in LA. I couldn’t have been further away.  So I didn’t get to make it, and I was very sad, because Peyton is a good friend of mine.  But Peyton came to my show in Bristol TN, and that was a lot of fun.  So I had my moment to congratulate him.  But it was ironic, because years ago, I was opening for someone, and Peyton was still a senior in college, and I picked him up in my bus and we played a show in Bristol. We had a blast.  So we’ve been friends a long time, and I really wanted to attend his party, but Jake went and represented and I know they had fun.”

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