The McGraw Family Christmas

McGraw ChristmasIt’s just a week to go before Christmas.  Apparently Tim McGraw is still thinking about some last minute gifts.  He talked about the holidays with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

Tell me your shopping is done: “Well I have some help fortunately, but it’s pretty much done. I have daughters so it’s a little simpler in a lot of ways because there are a couple things they like: Clothes, jewelry, and money.  You’re pretty safe with that.  Clothes are iffy when dad is involved.  Because I want big baggy things, long sleeves.”

Will you all be together? “It’s going to be a busy holiday for us.  Gracie’s in college, Maggie’s in college. They both have things going on.  We’ll be home, but it’s going to be back and forth.  The girls are very involved in school and theater.  Plus Faith’s mother passed away around Thanksgiving, so her family will be up to our house. We usually have a big Christmas Eve Christmas dinner. So everybody will be here for that.  It’ll be busy with a lot of family.

So what’s the McGraw family tradition? Our traditional meal us spaghetti & meatballs on Christmas Eve.  We call them noodles & gravy.  We have a lot of Italian in our family. I’m in charge of the sauce.  It’s a two-day process, because I start the day before. I’ve got a lot of secret ingredients, but the girls are getting older, so I’ve got to start teaching them how to make it.”

Once Christmas is over, Tim will travel to Charlotte to perform at halftime during the Beck Bowl.

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