Tim & Faith Write New Duet

the-shackLast year, Tim McGraw announced that he was making a new movie based on the book “The Shack.”  Now, even more details about that movie have been revealed, including that Tim and his wife Faith Hill co-wrote a song for the movie.  This week, Tim talked about the movie and the song with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton.

Tim said, “I saw an early cut of the movie back in the spring.  I narrate the movie as well as play a character in it.  I was watching the movie with Faith, because they’d asked us to write a song for it.  It wasn’t completely finished yet, but it was done where you could get the essence of it.  There must have been six parts where there were complete fall-apart moments.  We walked out with some song ideas.  Lori McKenna, Faith, I, and Shane McAnally wrote the title song for the movie.  I think it’s going to touch a lot of people.”

The name of the song is “Keep Your Eyes On Me.”  Did you know it was going to be the title song? “No, we actually wrote a couple songs, but that was the favorite one we’d written.  That actually came from a line in the movie.  There’s a part where that line is spoken and it was so powerful, and we took that and ran with it.”

What are the challenges of being a narrator? “I didn’t find it challenging, I liked it actually.  Because at my core of what I do, I think I’m a storyteller.  I think that came naturally to me when I was reading the narration.”

“The Shack” stars Sam Worthington and Olivia Spencer, and will be released in March.

You can hear Tim & Faith singing “Keep Your Eyes On Me” in the trailer for the movie:

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