Luke & Luke Turkey Hunt

Luke Combs is friends with “the other Luke,” Luke Bryan. The two met last year at a festival.  Since then, they exchange texts from time to time.  One of those texts led to a recent hunting trip.  Luke Combs shared the story with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton.

Did I see a photo of you turkey hunting with Luke Bryan? “Yeah we went turkey hunting just a couple days ago! It was coming to the end of the season, and I hadn’t got one yet. It’s been a rough turkey season. They haven’t been active, they’re out there, just not active. They’re out there, just not responding. It was cold late.  So I sent him a text, ‘Are you hearing anything?’ He goes, ‘No, I’ not hearing anything.’ I was like, ‘We didn’t hear anything either.  We’re writing today.’ He goes, ‘Are you writing tomorrow?’ ‘No, I don’t have anything going on.’ He goes, ‘Why don’t you come down?’ So I did! We ended up going, and we got one! We must have been hunting for five or six hours, just driving around. He’s a great guy, he gave me a lot of great advice, and we listened to a ton of great songs.  Just demos of different people’s tunes. I love doing that.  Just threw tunes back and forth. It was a decent drive down there. It was cool to pick his brain about stuff. We talked about what old music we love.  It was awesome.  Lot of music, lot of hunting, it was a cool day.”


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