Luke Bryan’s Crash Bash

This week Luke Bryan co-hosts the Countdown with stories about the just-ended Crash My Playa festival in Mexico, and the early rounds of American Idol. Luke told Lon, “We had a great time in Mexico. We left Playa and went straight to Hawaii for some American Idol taping. I literally never touched the water.”

Why was Idol in Hawaii? “We had 40 contestants and they did their first big performance in front of an audience. We had to go from 40 contestants to 20 contestants. So that happened in Hawaii. Some of these kids had never been to Hawaii, so it was a lot of fun.”

This was the 5th anniversary of Crash My Playa. Luke told Lon, “Five years of anything when you’re having so much fun, it’s pretty special. Dustin Lynch has been an important part. I’ve named him the Mayor of Crash My Playa. One of his signature things is his pool party. This year, I went to his pool party for the first time, and we did an hour together. I’ve got to learn when we do these things that people are shooting videos and it goes all over the world.”

Another example happened with Jake Owen: “Jake & I were in the water trying to paddleboard. The next morning, I wake up, and there we are on TMZ. Jake spends more time sculpting his body than me. So when I saw my beer belly next to Jake on TMZ, I immediately got a trainer. Next year I’ll show you my body transformation.”

We got a little Idol preview from Luke: “We changed a couple of things. They’re going to air us a couple of times a week, which is a new approach. But the talent level is world class. We’ve had so many contestants say when they were little kids, they wanted to be on the show, and here they are now on American Idol. It’s pretty special.”

Last week Jason Aldean said he’s building a lake at his house, and said he hoped Luke would bring his “lake guy” to help with the construction. Lon played that audio for Luke, and he said, “I guess I gotta help Jason build a lake. So yes, Jason, call me, and I will gladly spend your money to build a lake. I’ll get you all the upgrades! It’s always fun spending your friend’s money.”

Luke told Lon there may be a surprise project with Jason Aldean later this year: “Having the bar open in downtown Nashville was amazing. Me and Jason Aldean have some fun stuff coming up that you’ll be hearing about, I’m just gonna tease it, not in the touring or music world, but you’ll hear about it. I’m excited about another year and see what’s around the corner.”

Luke also has great stories this week about Cole Swindell, Chris Janson, David Lee Murphy, Luke Combs, and Thomas Rhett.

NEXT WEEK: Jordan Davis

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