Lee Brice Kentucky Derby Win

This week’s co-host is Lee Brice, and his current Top 5 hit is “Rumor.” He & Lon talked about the song’s revealing video: “I thought I was gonna have to talk my wife into this idea the director had of her being in a tub naked. I called her, and she said, ‘It sounds like fun, I think I could do that!’ I thought I was gonna have to talk her into it, but it was a lot easier than I thought.”

Lee recently had his first role in a TV movie: “Wedding At Graceland” for the Hallmark Channel. He told Lon how it came about. “Kellie Pickler was part of it, and she got my name in the mix. I had to play myself, as the wedding singer. I sang an Elvis song, ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.’ I think I may have stepped in over my head, but I got some compliments for it, so it’s all good.”

Lon asked him about singing with Garth Brooks at Stagecoach last year: “I was in the front row and stood there with Ashton Kutcher watching Garth, and he brought me up on stage to sing with him. I’ve done it a few times, and it’s always mind blowing and special.”

Lon then asked him about Ashton Kutcher: “He loves country music and he’s a huge Garth fan. So we were both fanning out on Garth. We went backstage and saw Garth, so now we have a text chain with Garth & Ashton and it’s a lot of fun.”

Lee recently celebrated his 40th birthday. He told Lon about his party: “I did it in style. I called it the pond-toon party. We put a pontoon boat in my lake, and had some friends over, drink cold beer and get sunburned. I just wanted to stay on the farm and just float in my pond.”

We saw a picture of Lee and his wife at the Kentucky Derby, so Lon asked him about it: “It was awesome. You know all those people who were upset at the way it finished. I put money down on Country House because it had ‘country’ in it. When he won, nobody could believe it! I put $100 down and it paid 65 to 1! It came in second, and then it came in first! Boom!”

Lee also has great stories this week about Luke Bryan, Brett Young, Russell Dickerson, Morgan Wallen, and the Eli Young Band.

NEXT WEEK: Garth Brooks

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