New To Top 20: Runaway June

Runaway June makes its debut in our Top 20 this week, just as the all-female trio releases their debut album “Blue Roses.”  They spoke with us about the chart, the album, and their tour with Carrie Underwood:

So how does it feel to have your first Top 20? “My gosh it’s huge. I felt like we were stuck at #23 for a month or longer, and we were like, is it ever gonna move?   All of a sudden when we got Top 20, it was like real fast. Oh my gosh! So I feel like when songs get past that breaking point, people start to really hear it, and it gets a life of its own. Getting Top 20 is very noticeable, and its hard to get into Top 20, and we see a lot of support and a lot of momentum since we got into Top 20.”

You’ve been on the road with Carrie for a few months, but just wrapped the first leg: “We have a hiatus from Carrie, but not a hiatus from work. So we’ve been busy. We had a party that night with Maddie & Tae and Carrie herself, she was so sweet, bought us all this wine! We got kind of emotional because we were like, oh my gosh we’re not gonna see you this summer! She was like, we’ve gotta do something this summer, have a wine & pizza party night. The reality hit us that we’re not gonna see each other for a while. It becomes like a real family out there.”

Your debut album Blue Roses comes out on Friday: “We are playing the Opry that day and we invited our whole team, so we’ll do a big celebration there.  We do little things with us three too so we take a second to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We want to stay in the moment and just enjoy it. We worked real hard, but we’re pinching ourselves, and now it’s finally paying off.”

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