Dierks Bentley’s Fishing Ticket

This week Dierks Bentley co-hosts the countdown. It’s his first interview since hosting his Seven Peaks Festival in Colorado. He talks about the artists at the Festival, his 3 CMA nominations, and the real story of how he received a ticket for fishing without a license in Colorado.

One of the artists at Seven Peaks this year was Luke Bryan. When he was Lon’s co-host, Luke said he hoped to go trout fishing before his show. Dierks told Lon that Luke in fact caught a rainbow trout, and announced it to his audience that night. He also said, according to Dierks, “I wasn’t expecting to catch anything so I didn’t have my license on me.”

The next day, Dierks went fishing and caught a bunch. He told Lon, “Of course, I posted it on Instagram. So the next day I’m walking through town, I see a guy in a Wildlife Management truck, and he calls out, ‘Where do you want to do it?’ I asked ‘What do you mean?’ ‘You caught four rainbow, right? Do you have a license? So where do you wanna do it?’ So we went around the corner, and I paid my fine.” Dierks posted a picture of him paying the fine, and it’s below.

Dierks also gave Lon the true story behind his broken wrist. A few months ago, it was reported that Dierks broke a few bones in his hand while riding a mountain bike. Dierks told Lon he said that out of convenience. “What really happened, I was at the skateboard park with my 5 year old and 8 year old. I got into skate pool, slipped, and broke my hand. It was a dad injury. It was so complicated, it was easier to say it was a mountain bike accident. But the hand is good, I’m back to normal, so that’s the true story.”

You can see his 5 year old son in the video for Living. But Dierks told Lon that Knox has become part of Dierks’ pre-show for his fan club: “He’s getting more focused on the way I sing. He used to sing ‘Somewhere On a Beach.’ But now he just dances the whole time. He’s like my Kix Brooks. He provides all the energy, and I just sit there and sing. He’s getting more involved in the show.”

Dierks also has great stories this week about Cole Swindell, Darius Rucker, Chris Janson, Keith Urban, and Thomas Rhett.

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