Garth Brooks 2019 CMA Entertainer

Back in November, this week’s co-host Garth Brooks was named CMA Entertainer of the Year for the 7th time. He told Lon: “Didn’t have a clue what was gonna happen, just knew it was gonna be good. It was the night of the female, so we thought the words that were gonna come from Reese Witherspoon’s mouth were Carrie Underwood. It was the night of the woman! When they called your name instead, I go ‘Oh crap!’ I kissed my wife, I don’t even remember going to the stage.”

Garth performed his current hit Dive Bar with Blake Shelton on the CMA show. He told Lon about something no one saw: “We had Carrie & Reba introduce us, so it was four Okies. Blake was way ahead of us. He goes, ‘Look! Okie, Okie!’ And I point at us: ‘Okie, Okie.’ He goes, ‘It must be hell being the weak link in the chain.’ And that’s when they kicked it off. I didn’t sing the first two lines, I was laughing too hard.”

Garth told Lon he took the month of January off, as a favor to his wife: “Trisha last year piled 5 years into one year, so she said ‘Can we put a fence around January?’ Never done it before ever. She’s happy, everything’s great! For me, it’s easier to keep rolling.”

Garth is back on the road now. In fact he did a Dive Bar show Wednesday night in Massachusetts: “What I love is it puts you back face to face with the people who gave you what you’ve got. It’s amazing. You’re playing some of the dive bars you played in the 80s and 90s. The great thing is you’re seeing faces like you saw then. Also when you look around you on stage, you’re seeing the same guys who played those dive bars with you. That’s a beautiful feeling.”

Garth ended 2019 by playing Knoxville’s Neyland Stadium. Jon Pardi opened that show for him: “I finally found a place, same way with Blake, I finally found a stadium so large that Jon Pardi doesn’t look as big. He’s a big boy. If you’re an opening act, and the place isn’t full, I’m gonna hold onto you for a while. Let’s get this place full. Now get out there, youngster! I wanna see you scared to death. And he ate it up. They loved him, that was a good night all around.”

Garth also has great stories this week about Blake Shelton, Kelsea Ballerini, Luke Combs, Keith Urban, and Trisha Yearwood.


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