Jimmie Allen: Baby & Wedding News

This week, Lon’s co-host is an expectant father: Jimmie Allen. In fact, Jimmie said, “Due literally any day between now and March 3rd. I guess she’s already had some contractions, so I’m getting nervous. I told her, ‘Can you have the baby during the week? Cause I work on the weekends.’ So I got my phone on vibrate.”

Jimmie got engaged to fiancĂ© Alexis last summer at Disney World: “I typically go five times a year. I just love it. I had the whole family there. She said yes, and it was cool. We also did our baby reveal at Disney. We’re not getting married there though. It’s expensive!”

You didn’t date a long time: “No but we’re from the same small town, so we knew each other. My cousin is her dad’s best friend. Everybody knows everybody. We all knew each other. She adds to my life. She never says I’m gone to much. She inspires me.”

Have you set a date? Yes we’re getting married in May, in Pennsylvania, close to Delaware. We’re both from that area. She asked if I wanted to help plan the wedding, and I said no. I said, ‘Make it the way you want it, I’ll stay out of the way.”

So the baby is due any day, do you have a name? “Yes, her name is Naomi Betty Allen. Betty is my grandmother’s name, Alexis loved the name Naomi, and her initials will be NBA, so a shout out to Kobe.”

Jimmie got to know Scotty McCreery when both were contestants on American Idol in 2011: “I remember we were Top 100, they were about to separate us Top 60, they put different people in different rooms. One room makes it to the next level, the other room didn’t. I remember they brought Scotty in our room, and somebody said, ‘Oh no, the country boy’s here, that means we’re going home!’ But we made it! We went on to Las Vegas.”

Jimmie also has great stories this week about Kane Brown, Michael Ray, Justin Moore, Brad Paisley, and Rascal Flatts.

NEXT WEEK: Kane Brown

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