Jason Aldean Joins Luke Bryan

This week, Jason Aldean joins Lon for the first of two weeks as co-host. In this show, Jason talks about his We Back winter Tour, his new album “9,” and Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa in Mexico.

Jason begins the show by updating us on his two youngest children Memphis & Navy: “These days we’ve got our hands full with babies. Memphis turned 2 in December, and Navy just turned a year old the first of February, and she just started walking, so now we have two of them on the move. We have them in side-by-side high chairs in the kitchen. So if we really need to do something, we stick them in there and throw some goldfish on their trays, and then we can go do something for a few minutes.”

Jason was a first-time headliner at Crash My Playa in January. He told Lon he played two nights: “I played on Friday night, and blew my voice out. I sang too hard that night. Luke was on the next night, and I went to sing, and it didn’t come out right. My voice was cracking, so I just grabbed a guitar and played the rest of the night.”

He went on to say he hopes to become a regular at Luke’s event: “It’s well done, they figured it out, the shows are a lot of fun, the pool parties during the day are packed. I told Luke, ‘I don’t even care if I’m playing next year, but I’m coming back. I may jump of stage and play with you, but somehow I’m coming back.’ So he crowned me the El Presidente of Crash My Playa.”

Jason is in the final weeks of his We Back Winter Tour. He says it’s an all-new show this year: “This year we have these giant screens that have this 3-D footage on it. It’s huge behind us, it’s just visually cool. For us, we try not to do the same thing every year. It’s probably one of the coolest looks we’ve had on a stage.”

Morgan Wallen & Riley Green are on the road now with Jason: “I felt like we had a lot of great acts with us, and it brings a different dimension to our show. I felt like we did a good job of doing that. This first leg has been going great.”

Jason also has great stories this week about Miranda Lambert, Morgan Wallen, Lady Antebellum, Kane Brown, and Florida Georgia Line.

NEXT WEEK: Jason Aldean Part 2

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