Jason Aldean’s New Home Update

This week, Jason Aldean returns for his second week as Lon’s co-host. He tells Lon he got back to work quickly after the holidays: “We kinda did our tour in two sections, we went back to work in January for three months, then we’re building our house, and we’re moving into our house in the summer, then we’ll go back on tour in the fall.”

Speaking of the house, how’s that going? “This house has gotten a lot of attention, mainly because my wife gives updates on it. So people are invested in our house. It’s taken us a couple of years to build it, but we’re actually moving in here in about 3 months.”

How involved are you? “I’m pretty involved in it, if something’s not right, I’ll tell them to fix it. I’m kind of OCD on stuff. If there’s one thing off, I’ll spot it, it’ll drive me crazy, and they’ll have to fix it. I’m more involved in the layout and how it works, and my wife’s more involved in how it looks. It works out pretty well”

What’s your favorite room? “It’s hard not to say the bowling alley. We entertain people a lot, we do all the holidays, all the families come to our house, it’s a place where everyone can go and have fun. We have bowling, shuffleboard, and a couple race car games, corn hole, and it’s hard not to say that’s not my favorite room.”

Jason’s son Memphis turned 2 in December, so how’s he doing? “He’s the wild child of the family, he’s a handful, he’s the ball of energy. Navy is pretty quiet, but Memphis is non-stop, he’s like a bolt of lightening when he gets up.”

The one thing Jason’s not looking forward to is moving: “We sold our house last year, and I moved into a rental. Then Kane Brown bought a new house, and when he moved to his new house, his old house was vacant. I told him, ‘I wish I’d known you were buying a house, I would have rented your house, because it’s closer to my kids’ schools and other stuff.’ He said, ‘Just move in til your house is built.’ So we moved again into his house. We’ve been there for a few months, and now we get to move again in three months. So I’m over moving, I hope I never move again, this is our ‘forever house,’ and it’s been a long process but it’ll be worth it when we get in there.”

Jason also has great stories this week about Brantley Gilbert, Luke Bryan, Riley Green, Brett Young, Morgan Wallen, and Florida Georgia Line.

NEXT WEEK: Luke Bryan

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