Thomas Rhett’s New Baby & Home

This week, in keeping with social distancing, Thomas Rhett co-hosts from his home studio. This happens to be a home studio in his new house. So he & Lon talk about both, along with the new baby in the family: Lennon Love.

Speaking of the baby, explain her name: “It actually happened in the hospital. For the past 6 months, we thought her name was Lennon Louise. Then we got to the hospital, Lauren said her friend suggested it was so close to Valentine’s Day, we should name her love. What a better middle name, so that’s what we went with. I also told Lauren I wanted something musical, and I’m such a Beatles fan, I thought Lennon was pretty for a girl.

What’s it been like being at home for the past two months? “I’ve never spent this much time at home in ten years. It is full-on dad mode 24/7, and I love every minute of it.” How have the girls reacted? “In the beginning, they’d ask ‘Daddy are you going on the bus?’ I’d be like, no. They finally stopped asking, so it’s become really normal. So when I go back to work, they’re gonna go, ‘Why are you leaving?'”

We mentioned that Thomas is co-hosting from his home studio, which is in his new house: “My studio is in the basement. It’s connected to a different room, which I call my “whiskey room,” it’s where I keep my bourbon, my hunting stuff, my books, and I literally got to design two rooms and my gym. I’m fine with that, Lauren has better taste than I do.”

Thomas actually has TWO songs in this week’s Top 30. In addition to his duet with Jon Pardi, he also has “Be A Light.” “When this situation began, I thought people needed some encouragement and joy. I told the folks at my label ‘This song needs to come out ASAP,’ and it’s pretty wild to see how people are responding to it.”

This week, Gabby Barrett has her first #1 with her debut single “I Hope.” So Lon gave her a call to congratulate her. “I feel crazy in the best way! I’ve been in Texas for the past couple weeks. My husband is from Texas and we’re staying with his family. We were driving from Texas to Nashville and the label called to surprise me, and my whole team gathered on the phone to surprise me.”

Thomas also has great stories this week about Maren Morris, Dustin Lynch, Riley Green, Keith Urban, and Florida Georgia Line.

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