Lee Brice: Down On The Farm

Lon’s co-host this week is Lee Brice, who joins from his home studio. “I’m on my tour bus, which is on my farm, and I’ve got a studio on it. I recorded the duet with Carly on this bus. I recorded most of my album here, and now I’m speaking with you.”

Lee’s bus was previously owned by Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line: “I loved this bus because there’s room to put a studio in it. Brian had it opened up because he has some big dogs. So it was an open area and I was able to build a studio there. I had to build a studio on the bus because I didn’t want to be working when I’m home. I get it done on the road so that when I’m home, I can just be at home.”

Lee is in the Top 10 with Carly Pearce, which he says came together last summer: “They sent me this song, and I loved the song, but they needed it immediately, and I was on the west coast. But I have a studio on my bus. So I did a vocal on the song, and Carly called me and said, ‘I Love this but can you give me that Lee thing?’ So we did the vocal right here on the bus.”

Tell me about staying it home with your wife and three kids: “I’ve done a lot of farm work with the kids. We cut down trees, feed chickens, all the things I wanted to teach them. You get to know your kids on a different level when you’re with them 24 hours a day 7 days a week for weeks and weeks. You think you know your kids, and then you REALLY get to know your kids.”

In March, Lee performed for Garth Brooks when he was given the Gershwin Prize in DC. Afterwards, he had a very interesting tour: “I had a midnight private tour of the Capitol. I got to stand under the dome and sing in that room. I got a buddy who’s in the Secret Service. It was really cool. We took advantage of it and really enjoyed it.”

Lee attended the National Championship between Clemson and LSU: “I did, I was there, I’ve been to all 3 in the last 4 years. Tough loss, but always good to be there. It’s just so special to be there. My daddy, my brother and my son came with me, my son had never been to New Orleans, it was just cool to be there. Those are times I’m not taking for granted.”

Lee also has great stories this week about Luke Bryan, Morgan Wallen, Russell Dickerson, Ashley McBryde, and Jason Aldean.

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