Luke Bryan on Idol 2021

American Idol faced some unique challenges in 2020, when the coronavirus shut down production, and forced the show to do the final rounds from everyone’s homes.  Luke Bryan told CCUSA’s Lon Helton that his situation in Tennessee was particularly difficult: “When I look at the logistics of what they had to do to make that happen, it was remarkable. Building the infrastructure to get us to be able to communicate.  My biggest hurdle is Ryan, Lionel, and Katy live in LA where there’s fiber optic wifi, and I’m out in the country. So we had to work to make my stuff to move fast enough to keep up. It was an undertaking to make that happen.”

In addition, all of the contestants had to perform from their homes as well: “I’m really heartbroke that these kids didn’t get the Hollywood experience. But the fact that they were able to put together a show, and America embraced it and enjoyed it.. I think the way the kids did their performances, America was able to decide who were the winners, and I think they got it right. When you look at the story of Just Sam, a girl from Harlem who lived with her grandmother, it was so nice to see America rally behind her. The talent was remarkable, and we’ll have some special kids come out of this batch.”

So what are the plans for next year? “They know they’re doing the show next year. Right now we’re renegotiating our contracts. They feel like they want to keep the team together and intact. But the main thing is, we don’t know how we’re gonna do the audition process. It may vary state to state.  ABC wants an Idol show on their network. We will have to do the necessary things to put that show on TV.  We’ll know soon. We kind of need to be knowing, and they’ll let us know very soon. I’d love to do the show again. I love it, it’s fun for me to do, so we’ll see.”

Listen to Luke Bryan talk about American Idol 2021 here:

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