Miranda Lambert Goes Camping

This week’s co-host is Miranda Lambert, who actually started the conversation with Lon walking in from the parking lot.  She was saying: “This is the first business thing I’ve done.  I haven’t had a work thing in a while.” Lon asked her where she was when the lockdown began: “I was about to leave for Australia. We were two days away from our tour there. The first couple months I was adjusting to not knowing.  It was nice for a minute, but then it got weird.”

So where did you stay? “I stayed at my farm in Nashville for a month & a half straight, and I haven’t been home like that in a while. I had a break from touring last year, but I was still working.  This just being downtime takes some adjustment.”

So when Miranda got bored staying at home, she hit the road: “We bought an Airstream, and so we’ve been camping, going to see my family, and my husband’s family in New York. We camped our way from Nashville, and Virginia seemed normal, but then you get to Pennsylvania and it’s very different.”

How is the camping thing going? Is it different from the tour bus? “It is, it’s awesome. I collect vintage campers anyway, but I’ve never had a new one. So to convince my husband, who’s from New York City, and I wasn’t going to take him in my 65 Shasta.  So we got a new one. It’s been fun, it’s another way to leave. I’m used to being on the road. So this has helped a lot.”

So how has the new husband enjoyed camping? “He’s killin’ it!  He used to go tent camping, which I won’t do. We got married a year and a half ago, and any couple who can make it through a pandemic, I feel like we’re good to go now!”

New hobbies? “Brendan learned how to make bread, so he was on a homemade bread kick, which was fun, but not for my hips, so we had to stop that hobby fast.  Cooking is what we turn to because food is comfort and also a fun hobby.”

So have you learned things about Brendan you didn’t know before? “I think so, I think I learned a lot, we’ve got each other’s quirks figured out.  Luckily we’re on the farm, so there is acreage to hang out by yourself.  I’ll say, ‘I think you need a break from me, so I’m just gonna exit.'”

Speaking of Brendan, I understand he helped get you another cat? “We were driving through Texas, and he started slowing down, and he said ‘There’s a kitten in the road.’ I didn’t even see it.  He’s the tiniest kitten I’ve ever seen.  His name is Tequila, because nobody loved me like he does.  He’s obsessed with me!”

Miranda also has great stories this week about Brothers Osborne, Ashley McBryde, Maren Morris, Carly Pearce, and Parker McCollum.


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