Florida Georgia Line’s Africa Trip

This week, Lon’s co-hosts are Brian & Tyler of Florida Georgia Line.  Brian was at his beach house in Florida, and Tyler was in Cheyenne Wyoming, on his way back from a family vacation in Colorado.

Lon began the show by asking the guys where they were when the lockdown began: Brian said: “To be honest with you, Lon, the Hubbards and us were all in Africa as it unfolded.  We landed in the US in mid-March, and stayed in quarantine in Nashville for a few weeks, and then came down to Florida and we’ve been here ever since.”

Tyler said, “As the virus was exploding, we were hearing from our friends back home, and we were having so much fun in the bush, we thought maybe we’ll stay here. If we didn’t have the babies with us, we literally would have stayed in Africa.  To experience that with the Kelleys, we were thankful for our weeks in Africa. We were literally on the last flight out of there. It was a close call, definitely a wild experience.”

For Brian, it was his first trip, and he was impressed: “We have some amazing pictures, we’re so thankful to the Hubbards for planning it. All the animals, mountain gorillas, lions, leopards, it was such a cool trip. I can’t wait to get back. In case you can’t tell, this is the first time we’ve even talked about it together.”

As we said, Tyler was on his way back to Nashville from Colorado.  He explained: “We actually did spend a few days in the mountains this last week with Thomas Rhett and his family out in Colorado. It was a special time to be out of Nashville and with friends.  To get to do that with them, Thomas and his whole family are amazing and we love spending time with them.”

Lon asked Brian what he’s been doing in Florida: “My wife & I have been working on a project. There’s an old restaurant down here that closed recently. We purchased it and are in the process of restoring it with our own twist. We have some cool plans, trying to bring something to this area that is fresh and different.”

Tyler has picked up a couple new hobbies: “For me, the thing I’ve picked up is jogging.  I also bought a road bike as well. It feels good to get out and sweat and release the energy that’s pent up inside me each morning.”

A few weeks ago, Chris Janson told Lon he discovered his beach house was near Brian Kelley’s.  Brian said the two are making plans to get together: “I had no idea, he goes ‘I think we’re neighbors,’ and so we’re looking to find a date to get together.  Hopefully we can write together, Tyler, you have to get in on this date!  We have a studio down here and everything!”

Tyler & his wife Hayley are expecting their third child in a few weeks: “I’m gonna hang in Nashville, we have no specific plans other than our due date is September 15th so we know we’ve got a plan there, but other than that, we’re stayin’ where the wind blows.”

FGL also have great stories this week about Kenny Chesney, Morgan Wallen, LoCash, Jason Aldean, and Russell Dickerson.

NEXT WEEK: Thomas Rhett

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