Thomas Rhett & Wife Co-Host

This week, Thomas Rhett co-hosts the countdown from his home studio in Nashville. “Here I am, in the same basement I’ve been in since March!  This is home base for the foreseeable future.”  Plus he introduces his wife Lauren for a special appearance.  Her new book Living Love was just released last week.

Thomas tells Lon that he and his family just returned from a vacation in Colorado with Tyler Hubbard’s family.  Tyler & BK of Florida Georgia Line were our co-hosts last week. Thomas said, “We were just in the mountains together. Tyler & I got to fly fish together, mountain bike, and anytime I get to see my friends makes for a good day.”

Lon asked where they were: “We were at a ranch outside of Telluride. We stayed in tents, but I wouldn’t call it camping.  I’d call it ‘glamping.’ It was a blast.  Then we returned to Nashville, but Tyler and his wife took a little ‘baby-moon’ before their new one’s going to be born.  But I hope to retire to the mountains some day.”

Thomas had a #1 a few months ago with Jon Pardi, and he told Lon they will perform “Beer Can’t Fix” on the ACM Awards next month. “We will do the song stripped down.  We’ve never played that song together on national TV, which is crazy.  We’ll do a broke-down version of Beer Can’t Fix, which should be really fun.”

Thomas is also nominated for five awards including Entertainer of the Year: “That’s the biggest one.  It was really cool, the day the nominations came out, Luke Combs texted me and said ‘I’m honored to be in the category with you.’ It’s a huge bucket list thing for me just to get nominated, because it’s something we strive for very hard when we’re touring.”

Thomas told Lon his wife Lauren has been using his home studio lately, promoting her new book: “Normally I’m the one doing interviews here.  But the last few days, I’ve watched Lauren do a satellite radio tour, do interviews, and other stuff.  It’s funny that my stuff is on hold while hers is rockin’ so it’s been funny to watch.”

Halfway through the show, Thomas introduced his wife Lauren.  Lon asked her how it feels to be doing interviews: “You’d think I’d get more used to it, but I just don’t. As long as I know what to expect from myself, then I can figure it out.” Thomas added, “She is very modest because she is crushing it. Such a joyful and entertaining person to talk to.”

Lon asked how her family & friends have reacted to the book: “Everyone has been so kind and encouraging.  Everyone has given me love and support, and that has been so affirming. It’s been surprisingly a great experience so far.”

Thomas also has great stories this week about Sam Hunt, Russell Dickerson, Morgan Wallen, Keith Urban, and Luke Combs.

NEXT WEEK: Keith Urban

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