Kane Brown’s Baby Update

This week’s co-host is Kane Brown, and he tells Lon he’s keeping busy while he’s been off the road: “We’ve been working on the house, hanging with the baby, and working out. Also playing a lot of video games. Getting to spend a lot of quality time with my wife.”

Kane’s baby Kingsley just passed the10 month point. “It’s been amazing. I’ve watched the teeth come in, her walk and crawl.  She’s not really walking yet. She’s standing up. When she gets in her walker, she’s sprinting. She’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. When she wakes up, she hits you with a smile.  She loves to be chased. She’s an awesome baby. I’m super blessed.”

Kane mentioned video games in the open, so what’s his game? “Mainly Call of Duty right now.  I’m streaming so I can play and fans can watch me at the same time.  In country music nobody can touch me in Call of Duty.  Second best would be Luke Combs.  I played with Aldean, I had 16 kills, and he had none.”

Kane was able to get a few days into his Worldwide Beautiful Tour before everything shut down.  Joining him for those dates was Chris Lane. “He’s super competitive.  The last game of the tour, I introduced him to “sting pong.”  Whoever misses the ball has to get hit by the ball, and whoever hit the ball gets to hit it at the guy.  You have to lift your shirt and get hit on bare skin.  Chris had 7 welts because he missed the most.”

One of Kane’s neighbors is Jon Pardi.  As a result, the two have become good friends: “I feel like we’re practically brothers. He’s come over the house, we swim, and hang by the fire.  He’s also been doing a lot of work on his property, cleared it out, and he’s really like a cowboy.  We just drink and have a good time. We have so much in common, and our wives get along, so it’s like two buddies in high school.”

The video for Kane’s current hit Cool Again was shot on a beach near Miami.  Kane revealed this small detail: “I hate the ocean, I hate seaweed, and I always wear socks, I’m never barefoot.  They made me walk barefoot on the seaweed, and I felt like I was walking on bristles. There’s something about my feet touching the ground. I don’t know what it is.  I don’t have ugly feet. But it was a tough video for me to do”

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