Tim McGraw’s Family Vacation

This week’s co-host is Tim McGraw, who tells Lon he spent most of the summer with his family: “We got to bring the girls in and stay together for most of the summer. We spent a lot of time cooking, watching movies, playing games, we hung out every day, and surprisingly there were only a couple of fights.”

They’ve even done a few car trips: “We’ve a cross country car trip three times this summer.  It’s been fun, we’ve enjoyed it, finding cool places to stay out of the way.  Audrey’s gone with us each time, so she’s tired of mom & dad.  I have a 15 year old Cadillac Escalade that I call the Griswald family cruiser.”

Tim’s older daughters, Gracie and Maggie, live in California. “My middle daughter just graduated from college, but she’s starting her masters degree. Then our youngest daughter just graduated from high school. I think she’s going to take a gap year off before she starts college.”

Speaking of college, earlier in the year LSU played Clemson for the national championship. Lon asked Tim if he was there: “I was there with two of my daughters and my wife. It was spectacular. We got to play a concert before the game. Louisiana is my state, it’s where I grew up. I spent some time at LSU watching games, I don’t remember much about the games.”

Lon noticed Tim’s beard: “There is something coming up that I’m prepping for. I was caught at a moment where I was prepping, and still had to do awards. So it’s gonna be with me for a while. I’ve got a couple of projects later in the winter that I’m gonna be doing that I’m looking forward to. Now that I’m not touring I have extra time to do some of the things I do on the side.”

You might have seen Tim make a cameo appearance in Brad Paisley’s video for “No I In Beer:” “He asked me to do that, which was so much fun to do. The conversation you should hear was with me, Jimmy Allen, and Darius Rucker that nobody will ever see.  It was a pretty funny conversation, making fun of each other.”

Tim told Lon he’ll never forget the first time he heard his current single I Called Mama: “It was in the evening in late February. As I heard it, I was trying to keep myself together, because I knew my relationship with my mother. Then I wanted Faith to hear it. So I learned the song so I could sing it to her. Every time I got to the hook, I would fall apart.” Lon asked Why did you want Faith to hear it from you? “Because I wanted her to feel what I felt, and my interpretation of the feelings I had for the song.”

Tim performed the song during the ACM Awards from the stage of Nashville’s Bluebird Café. Lon asked if he’d ever sung there before: “Oddly enough, that was the first time I’d ever sung on their stage. I’d been there a few times, and Faith was discovered at the Bluebird. I don’t think I was quite good enough to play at the Bluebird back in the day. I never played the Bluebird.”

Tim also has great stories this week about Kenny Chesney, Morgan Wallen, Kip Moore, Keith Urban, and Lady Antebellum.

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