Morgan Wallen’s Double Play

Lon’s co-host this week is the newly named CMA New Artist of the Year Morgan Wallen.  They were socially distanced in our Nashville studio.  In addition to a lot of news, Morgan also has two songs in our Top 30.  It’s rare for one artist to have two solo singles in the Top 30.  “I’m used to one at a time.  I’d be blessed to have one.  I didn’t have any idea that we’d try to have two singles at once. It kind of went viral on Tik Tok.  It had 30 million hits before we put the song out.”

Morgan was also very excited to talk about an addition to his life: “I had a little boy of my own in July, so that’s been the biggest change in my life for sure.  He’s almost 4 months old now, he’s starting to smile and get a personality, so it’s been fun. That’s one of the good things for me, as far as not getting to tour, is being able to spend more time with him.  He’s starting to look like his daddy, so I don’t know if that’s good or bad.”

Lon asked how fatherhood has changed him: “It’s easy to get caught in my career, and I’m also pretty happy-go-lucky in my life.  But when he was born, there are things you think about you didn’t think about before. You realize the weight and what you mean to that little boy. It’s definitely made me take a step back and look into me and who I am, which is a good thing, I’m thankful for it.”

It’s also been about a month since he was dropped from a performance slot on Saturday Night Live because of some photos on social media.  Lon asked for his thoughts on that: “I completely understand them not having me on. My actions weren’t intentional. I was just having a good time, and sometimes I get out of line.  Hopefully they’ll have me back on, and next time I’ll stay off Tic Tok.”

Clearly the events of the past few months have had an effect on him: “It forced me to take some time, I got away from the situation, I got off social media, spent time with myself and reconnect with me and my faith and things that are important to me. As long as I can do that, I’ll be OK.”

Lon asked if Morgan’s three latest songs are related in some way: “I’ve had people say those songs could be sequels or prequels to each other, and we even address that in the 7 Summers video, we threw some hints back to the More Than My Hometown video, so fans who pay attention to those kinds of things will get it.”

Morgan ends the show by talking in detail about some new music that’ll be announced later this week: “I’ve got a double album coming out.  It’s called “Dangerous: The Double Album.” It’ll be coming out in January. It’s not gonna be much of a holiday break for me, but that’s OK, I had most of 2020 to get that in.”

Why Dangerous? “I have a song on there called Dangerous. The song came from an honest place, during this past year I’ve had a lot of highs and a lot of lows. I feel like that song explains those for me. It’s very reflective, a look into me and what my life has been like.  I felt like it made sense to call the whole album that.”

Morgan also has great stories this week about Luke Combs, Darius Rucker, Luke Bryan, Kip Moore, and Florida Georgia Line.

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