Morgan: Next Time I’ll Stay Off TikTok

It’s been a year of incredible highs and lows for Morgan Wallen.  One of the low points came last month when he was dropped as a performer on Saturday Night Live.  This week, he spoke with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton about that difficult moment in his life:

“I completely understand them not having me on there. My actions weren’t anything intentional or malicious. I think they know that. That was not where my heart was. My heart wasn’t anywhere other than me having a good time, sometimes I’m known to get out of line every now and then. That’s what happened, I apologized, and I meant what I said, and hopefully they’ll have me back on there, and next time I’ll stay off tik tok!  I know they say all press is good press, I don’t know if that’s completely true.  But it kind of forced me to take a little bit of time. I didn’t want see what they had to say, so I got away, got off social media, spent time with myself and my faith and things that are important to me, and as long as I can do that, we’ll be OK.”

Listen to Morgan Wallen & Lon here:


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