New To Top 5: Niko Moon

This week we have a new artist with his first Top 5: Niko Moon.  If his style sounds familiar, you’ve heard his songs performed by other artists.  For example he wrote the hits “Homegrown” and “Beautiful Drug” for the Zac Brown Band. But he now has his own song, “Good Time,” in our Top 5.

We had the chance to speak with Niko last week and ask him how it feels to be new to the Top 5, and if it’s different from the success he had as a songwriter:

Niko: “It’s unbelievable. The whole reason I decided to make that jump from songwriter to artist is I love people. To have the song get to this place, this connection is the ultimate for me. It’s proof for me that it is connecting. That’s what I want is to connect with people. Good Time doing what it’s doing, I’m overwhelmed by what it’s doing. It’s such a few amount of us to be in this place where our music gets this exposure from radio to get out there to the whole country. To be one of those people to get that opportunity is something I don’t take for granted for a minute. When I look at all those people in that chart, and see my name next to those people, makes me feel appreciated and makes me feel good.”

So how will you celebrate when this goes #1? “I want to get away, because I haven’t gone anywhere for a while. I want to celebrate because to me, I feel like I’ve already won because I found this connection with country fans. I’m able to do this for a living.  To do that is a dream come true.  Anything more is a cherry on top.”

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