Brett Young’s Life With Ladies

This week’s co-host is Brett Young, who joins Lon from his Nashville home: “I feel like we’ve all been staying on our island, so I’ve got an office where I can do songwriting. It’s been working for me all year, and it’s working for us here today.”

The subject in Brett’s current hit “Lady” is his 18-month old baby girl Presley.  He was able to spend a lot of time with her this year: “For us, with Presley having the first year of her life, full of first words and first steps, those are things I would have missed out on if I had been touring.  I didn’t miss a thing, so I’m grateful for that.”

Brett & his wife Taylor celebrated Presley’s first birthday in October: “We had a small gathering, I call it a covid-friendly gathering.  We had the smash cake, but Presley was a little shy about it.  Maybe as she gets older, she’ll learn to get into that cake.”

Brett & Taylor recently announced they’re expecting their second child this summer: “The second biggest piece of advice we’ve received is whatever you think you’ve learned from the first one, forget it. You know nothing. The second one won’t be anything like that. Neither will the experiences you have with them.”

Brett says he’s been playing a lot of golf during the past few months.  “I feel every time we bring somebody up, the story revolves around golf. Darius is a good golfer, very competitive, and we’ve played a lot together.  He won’t suffer bad weather.  If we get bad weather, he goes back to South Carolina.  He’s not going to miss golf. He’ll find warm weather somewhere.”

Brett was part of Chris Lane‘s all-star golf trip to Pinehurst a few months ago: “We had a blast.  Chris Lane put together a big golf trip for a bunch of artists. I got to play with Shay Mooney. We’ve got to do it again. When you’re touring, you don’t see the rest of country music. The opportunity to have everyone together for a whole weekend was really fun.”

This week’s #1 song is by Niko Moon.  It’s his first #1, so Lon & Brett gave Niko a call. “Me & my wife had a big throwdown here at our house, and we got on zoom with our team and celebrated with them. I wrote Good Time 3 years ago. Glad that this song could be an audible vacation.”

Brett also has great stories this week about Chris Janson, Darius Rucker, Tim McGraw, Jordan Davis, and Florida Georgia Line.

NEXT WEEK: Florida Georgia Line

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