Florida Georgia Line Family Time

Lon’s co-hosts this week are BK & Tyler of Florida Georgia Line. Tyler told Lon, “Me & my family just flew back from LA, and we’re at our house in Nashville.”  BK said, “I’m in Florida in my little studio, looking outside, seeing some blue skies.”

Back in September, Tyler and his wife Hayley added a third child to their family, a boy named Atlas: “He’s about to be 6 months.  He’s so happy, I have this video where he’s rocking in this thing to the beat of the music.  He’s super happy. All of our babies are happy, but he’s been super chill.  He’ll probably become a wild man. It’s a wild zoo of kids running around but it’s fun.”

BK chimed in: “They’re doing such a great job raising their family. Hopefully Brit and I can have something like that when the time is right. Join the kid club.”  Tyler said, “I’ll give you all the hand-me-downs.  All the toys, all the clothes, you won’t have to spend nothing.”

Tyler has been busy with his three kids, so what’s BK been doing? “I’ve been doing a bunch of fishing, as much as I can, enjoying the Florida lifestyle, doing some songwriting, and just enjoying life.”

They had hoped to go on tour this summer with Kenny Chesney, with make up dates from last year, but word came out that Kenny’s tour has been postposed again until next year. “That was gonna be an epic summer, we were looking forward to that, we hope we can do that again at some point, because we were so excited. Kenny’s one of our heroes, we grew up listening to him. We had a lot of notes to take that we didn’t get to take, but maybe sometime.”

Country Aircheck just released it’s list of Power Gold songs, and FGL has 7 songs on the list, tied for the most.  In fact “Cruise” is #5. BK said, “That’s super humbling, very humbling, some we wrote, and some we didn’t. We moved to Nashville to be songwriters, and developed as artists.  But we’ve been lucky to have some songs that have shaped our careers.”

Tyler has a song in the Top 20 with Tim McGraw, and the guys say they admire Tim in a lot of ways: “He’s always sending me pictures of himself down in his island, spearfishing, holding a couple of fish, and he’s extremely ripped. I keep telling him that he makes me want to go to the gym. BK & I just look up to him, he’s just inspiring.”

Lon mentioned, “I’ve seen that Tim’s selling that island. Has he offered it to either of you?” Tyler responded, “I couldn’t even afford to have a cabin on that island.  He hasn’t presented that to me yet, he probably knows better.”

Lee Brice was a co-host last spring, and told Lon that he recently bought BK’s bus. “That was the first bus we ever got to build out, me and Britany. We had four kennel crates on that bus for our dogs. We got some good miles on that bus. I left some songs on that bus for Lee. I hope he’s found them.”

BK & Tyler also have great stories this week about Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Russell Dickerson, Keith Urban, and Thomas Rhett.

NEXT WEEK: Chris Stapleton

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