Dierks Bentley On Father’s Day

Dierks Bentley is the father of three kids: Evie is 12, Jordin is 10, Knox is 7. Lon asked Dierks about Father’s Day: “I remember my dad, I’d try to get him something special, my dad loved golf, so I got him this thing you stick on the bottom of your putter, and it gets the ball out of the hole. Dumbest present of all time.  He’d say ‘Don’t get me anything.’  But now that I’m a father, what I really want is peace & quiet. Just have a cup of coffee in the morning without a fight breaking out, or chaos or a dog biting someone, or the dog peeing on the couch.  I have three kids and three dogs, in a house that doesn’t have much of a backyard.  So that’s what I think about. But the kids get excited about it, so whatever makes them happy, that’d be great.”

(Photo of Dierks with two of his three kids at the #1 party for “Living.”

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