Old Dominion Is On a Boat

This week’s co-hosts are all five members of Old Dominion, and as usual, they sat in the exact same chairs they’ve occupied every time they’ve co-hosted.  Brad Tursi said, “I noticed that, and I thought, if I get here late, I guarantee my seat will be open.”  

The guys were here in support of their current hit “I Was On a Boat That Day.”  Lon was curious about the accordion part, and how they handle it in the show.  Trevor explained “I just learned how to play accordion recently. Brad challenged me a few months ago. I didn’t tell anyone I had learned it, and I surprised them on stage one day.”

Lon asked if there were things we don’t see in the song’s video: “There were a lot of jellyfish in the water. A lot of the people partying in the water are getting stung by jellyfish.  Also the Coast Guard was chasing us after the shoot was over.  And Matt rammed a jet-ski into the dock. Does that answer your question?”

Keith Urban’s current Top 30 song “Wild Hearts” was written in part by Old Dominion’s guitarist Brad Tursi. Brad said Keith actually called him to make the song more personal: “It’s awesome. It’s so hard to try to say what you think someone else wants to say.  So if you want to contribute your life to the song, that’s a dream!”

Old Dominion’s previous hit, “One Man Band,” was just certified 4x platinum.  It’s also is a favorite of an NFL quarterback “We saw where Dak Prescott said One Man Band is on his pre-game playlist. It’s like, ‘he knows who we are!’  He said our song was his favorite on his playlist.”

The band’s Trevor Rosen repeated his beer shotgun challenge to Luke Combs: “The thing is, I need to learn how to shotgun a beer.” Brad said, “Just like the accordion, you’ll never be able to beat Luke Combs.” Geoff offered, “You can train with non-alcoholic beverages, but how boring is that?”

This week’s #1 song is the first for Elvie Shane, so Lon called him to offer congratulations.  “I’ just so glad I get to be the vessel that delivers the song, and love that we were being able to come out of the gate with a song that’s so personal to me, and see it go to the top of the charts.”

Old Dominion also has great stories this week about Luke Bryan, Hardy, Walker Hayes, Keith Urban, and Thomas Rhett.

NEXT WEEK: Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris

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