Jason Aldean Big Braves Fan

Jason Aldean was playing a show in Lexington KY the night the Atlanta Braves advanced to the World Series. He told us he has system to keeping up with his team on a show night. “I’ve learned a lot of things from being on the road, and one of those things I’ve learned is how to make sure people don’t ruin the outcome of a ballgame for me. So before I go on stage, my guys go on the radio and tell everyone not to tell me the score. I got to watch it up to the 4th inning. Then I went on stage. So I recorded the game, came off stage, went to my bus, and finished watching the game. Then I looked at my phone and I had 100 messages.

As far as World Series goes, I have shows this weekend, so I can’t go. But if it reaches games 6 & 7, those are the only opportunities I’ll have to go. If at all. It’s been 22 years. When the Braves clinched in 99, I was at that game. I felt the Braves were spoiled in the 90s. Then we had a drought for 22 years. I actually just took my son to the mall to get him his first Braves cap to get him ready for the series. I’m a huge Braves fan, so between them and the Georgia Bulldogs, it’s been a good sports year.

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