Ryan & Maren Take Chances

This week’s co-hosts are Maren Morris & Ryan Hurd.  They were both in the studio, rather than on zoom or some other system. “It feels good to be here.  To be able to see someone’s facial expressions, and not just being on the phone is so helpful!”

Maren & Ryan have been married for 3 years, and Maren said this about her husband: “Ryan has made me say yes to some things that I would have passed on. Like hosting Jimmy Kimmel, flying with the Thunderbirds, and then going to the US Open.”  Ryan added, “Some things you just say yes, and figure out the rest later because it’s that cool of an opportunity.”

Regarding flying with The Thunderbirds, “They invited me to fly, and I said yes, and it was terrifying.  It is a vertical trip up into space. We did a bunch of barrel rolls and flips, and it was full on. I wanted to go for it. I don’t know what was scarier: Flying with The Thunderbirds or hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live.  I’ve done some scary things this year.”

As far as hosting Jimmy Kimmel, Maren said, “A few months ago, they asked.  I had been on the show a couple times for things other than being the musical guest.  But hosting is another thing.  It’s an undertaking.  I don’t know how those late night guys do it five nights a week.”  Would you do it again? “They asked me to come back.  So maybe next year.  I was happy I went through it. Every time I challenge myself, I feel I’m more capable of something than I previously thought.”

When Keith Urban was co-host, he told Lon that he actually recorded “Chasing After You,” but didn’t release it.  Lon played that audio for Ryan & Maren, and they knew that history, but never heard it from Keith.  Ryan said, “We knew Keith recorded it, and I have no idea why it didn’t make his album, but I was looking for the opportunity to hold it, and I was surprised they let me hold it. I’m just thankful it came to us.”

With the CMA Awards coming up next week, will we see Ryan & Maren perform their nominated duet? Here’s what Ryan said: “I think it would be hard to do it again, because we did it on the ACM Awards. We really loved doing it the first time.  We might just be going. Which would be great.”

Ryan & Maren also have great stories this week about Jake Owen, Jon Pardi, Dan & Shay, Keith Urban, Old Dominion, and Lady A.

NEXT WEEK: Walker Hayes

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