Zac Brown Makes A Comeback

This week’s co-host is Zac Brown, back as Lon’s co-host for the first time in 5 years.  A lot has changed in that time, which is partly the reason he calls his new album “The Comeback.”  He told Lon, “It’s the whole world getting to come back together again.  I knew there would be a day when we get to come back together again, and that’s what we’re singing about.”

Zac says he feels a lot of gratitude being back on the road and back on the radio: “I found my passion again for wanting to pick up my guitar again while I was in quarantine.  That was the first major shift.  But I’m in major gratitude, I’m so grateful to be here on the air with you, grateful for all our partners in radio that help us connect our music to the fans, and then the fans who show up and give us that energy when we play. I’m just grateful for all of it.”

During his time away, Zac has had changes in his personal life as well. He told Lon, “It takes a while to get through the storms and on the other side of it.  The kids are with their mom half the time, and with me half the time.  They’re ten minutes down the road, we’ve got a great relationship, doing what’s in the best interest of the kids.  It’s as good as it can be.”

Zac had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at Game 3 of the World Series in his hometown of Atlanta: “That was good, I’ve been a Braves fan my whole life.  We sound-checked at noon that day.  It went great.  Then at game time, it was raining, and I wasn’t able to hear anything.  There was no time to fix it, so I had to sing it blind.  It was an awesome game, and we ended up winning, and I’m so proud for them.”

Another big career highlight was when Zac opened for the Rolling Stones in Atlanta: “Getting to share the same stage as the Stones is a really huge deal.  I asked them for some piece of memorabilia, something from their archives, just to have a piece of that music history and to commemorate the night.  We get 45 minutes, we gotta come out guns blazing, and then we get to watch them afterwards, it’s gonna be great.”

Walker Hayes has his first #1 this week, and Lon asked him about a promise he made to his kids: “Yes sir, I told my kids 6 years ago, if we ever got a #1, we’d get Christmas blow-ups. So they made me keep my promise, and we have 8 Christmas blow-ups in front of the house. You can barely see the house.  You can probably see my house from wherever you are.  Just look down I-65 and you’ll see the glow.”

Lon also asked if they celebrated at Applebees: “Yes, that’s where we all went the official day it went #1, we got a big long table and had Bourbon Street steaks and Oreo shakes all around.”

Zac also has great stories this week about Luke Combs, Hardy, Sam Hunt, Niko Moon, and Chris Stapleton.

NEXT WEEK: Kenny Chesney

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