Brothers Osborne CMA Wrap-Up

Lon’s co-hosts this week are the CMA Vocal Duo of the Year Brothers Osborne.  “As we said on stage, every time we’ve won that award, it’s been very shocking.  It felt incredible, for what we’ve been through as a band, for me personally, and to be there in that moment, to see our peers giving us a communal bear-hug, it was a beautiful moment.”

TJ told Lon that there were some more people he wanted to thank that night: “We have a great management team, all the people in radio have been supportive, the artists around me, I was sitting next to Keith Urban, and after I came out, he sent me one of the sweetest texts, I literally wept after I read it, it was so sweet and thoughtful.  What a beautiful thing.” 

The Brothers were on stage, about to perform when Carly Pearce won the Female Vocalist award.  TJ said, “Right after that, we were supposed to perform, so we’re behind the wall, and all we can hear in our monitors was this high-pitched squealing.  We had no idea what was happening, because we couldn’t see it. It was hilarious in our view, but we were very happy for her.”

On moment during the awards that went viral was when TJ kissed his boyfriend.  He told Lon, “I was thinking so little about it, I didn’t even know I did it.  That was my natural instinct.  I didn’t feel it was a big deal when I did it, but to normalize it meant a lot to a lot of people like me.”  John added, “A viral kiss means something completely different these days.”

The CMA Awards moment that stood out for John & TJ: “The moment that stood out for me was when Jimmie Allen won. We’ve known him for over a decade, and he’s been resilient. Jimmie is proof that if you work hard, it’ll work out.  He’s confident, but he’s not arrogant.   I got emotional when we won Vocal Duo. But getting to see him won the New Artist award, I got way more emotional, because I understood the journey he’s been on since he came to town.”

John & TJ had a lot to say about their friend Jon Pardi: He’s like a 12 year old in a grown-up’s body. We just did a guitar pull with him, and I’d look over at him, and we just started laughing. He’s one of our very good friends, but we’re actual fans.  Only he could have a hit with this song.  He gets a free pass, and that’s good.  He sells it.  I believe it.”

Brothers Osborne also have great stories this week about Miranda Lambert, Justin Moore, Midland, Keith Urban, and Chris Stapleton.

NEXT WEEK: Miranda Lambert

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