Thomas Rhett Has #1 of 2021

Lon Helton spent the past two weeks counting down the Top 70 of 2021. When he got to the top, he called the artist who had the #1 song of the year. It was “What’s Your Country Song” by Thomas Rhett. Lon began the conversation by asking Thomas about his newborn baby girl: “She is rockin.’ I don’t know if it’s after you have a couple of them that the youngest is the best infant. But she is sleeping 5 hours, and it’s just good, we’ve been blessed, the girls love her so much, and it’s a new type of chaos, but one we really we enjoy. I don’t plan on having that conversation for a long time, Lon.”

So talk about having the #1 song of 2021: “That is unbelievable. When I heard that news, I thought it was a joke. It’s been one of my favorite songs ever, but good grief, what a huge honor, and what a crazy stat to receive, so thank you for that, Lon.”

It’s not the first time either. Five years ago, “Die a Happy Man” was the #1 song of 2016. “Even to have one of them is the biggest deal in the world, and to have it happen again, what a crazy blessing that is, and a huge shout out to the songwriters as well.”

Listen to Lon’s conversation with Thomas Rhett here:

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