Cole Swindell’s New Girlfriend

This week’s co-host is Cole Swindell, who is in the Top 5 with “Never Say Never.”  His duet partner Lainey Wilson joins Lon & Cole in the third hour.  Cole updates us on his new album Stereotype, and new girlfriend, Courtney Little.

Lon cut right to the news: How influential was the new girlfriend in the making of the new album? “Quite a bit. Our first date was making the video for ‘Some Habits.” We’d known each other for several years, but she wasn’t my girlfriend. This was a love song, so I asked my team if she could be my co-star. I didn’t know it would lead to this.  After that day, we went out, and we’ve been together ever since.”

Cole’s new album includes a song he wrote with Thomas Rhett while on tour together last year. The song is called “She Had Me At Heads Carolina,” and Cole explained how it came about: “We both love 90s country music, and we wanted to pick a song that we could put a spin on. That JoDee Messina song was one of my favorites. I’ve always had a good time at karaoke, and that was the idea behind it.  I sent JoDee a message a few weeks ago and let her know what we were doing, and if there ever becomes a time, I could see us doing something on stage.  There might even be a version with Thomas Rhett on it.”

When Lainey Wilson called in, Cole asked what she was doing, and she said: “Laundry! I have my house tore apart. I’m so busy, I’m taking clothes out of suitcases, putting them in the washer, and then putting them back in the suitcases for the next trip.”

We were doing the interview the morning after the CMT Awards, where Cole & Lainey performed “Never Say Never” outside during a thunderstorm.  Lainey said, “I’m like on a high right now and have not come down. That was my favorite TV moment.  Me & Cole looked at each other 20 seconds before showtime, and said ‘Here we go.'”

Cole then said, “I feel the same way, out of my whole career, that has to be the top.  When they called us on stage, they told us to go on stage, and that moment, we’re about to be soaking wet, but it will be worth it.  think it was a God thing. I’m thankful we got it on film. That was an amazing moment.”

Lon noticed they hugged when the performance was over. Lainey said: “We didn’t plan that.  It was special. I’m proud to be a part of a song that has grown a set of wings.  Cole & I have known each other a while, and he’s gonna be the one I call when something happens.”  Cole replied, “You know I’m in your corner.  I wanted you to be in this because I believed in you.  If you ever write something and need me on it, let me know, or we’ll write one together, but I’m thankful for this one.”

Cole also has great stories this week about Dierks Bentley, Walker Hayes, Jordan Davis, Scotty McCreery, and Kelsea Ballerini.

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