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This week’s co-host is Scotty McCreery.  He & his wife Gabi just announced they’re expecting a baby boy later this year.  “We’re so excited, but I know life is going to be a lot different in a few months.”

Lon asked about baby names: “I was pretty sold it was going to be a girl, and I think she did too.  So we had a girl name picked but, but we didn’t have a boy name. So we’re still in the process.  It will literally pop up at dinner.”

Lon asked when she’s due: “Early November, although she just had her latest ultrasound, and they said, ‘He’s measuring ahead of schedule.  It looks like October 31st.’  I was like, ‘Oh boy! Halloween!'”

Scotty’s wife Gabi is a pediatric nurse, so she knows a lot about babies: “I think she’s more of all the things that can go wrong.  She’s seen all that can go wrong, so that’s in her mind, but if I see her eyes get scared, I’ll probably freak out.”

Scotty is on his way to Ireland to play golf: “They’ve asked me to go on this trip for 7 years, and it’s always the middle of July, which is our busy month.  But this year we had an open weekend.  I asked my wife, and she said, ‘This may be your last chance to ever go, so go.’ The place we’re playing looks like a golf course in heaven, so it should be fun.”

The British Open is taking place at the same time.  Will he make it there? “No, we’re playing at Old Head in Ireland at the same time. But Sunday, we’re going back to Dublin, so we have reservations to watch the end of the Open in Dublin.”

Scotty’s current hit, “Damn Strait,” is a tribute to George Strait.  Scotty says he’s heard from the king: “Having George reach out a couple different times from when he saw the music video, when we sent him the song, tweeting how much he appreciated.  When you go to one of his shows, before he comes out, they’re playing Damn Strait.  For me, that’s amazing.  If this song gets to the top of the chart, great. If it doesn’t, George Strait said he liked it, and to me, that’s enough.”

Scotty also has great stories this week about Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Old Dominion, Lady A, Jimmie Allen, and Tim McGraw.

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