Dylan Scott’s New Truck

This week’s co-host is Dylan Scott.  In the video for his current hit “New Truck,” he sets his white Ford pick-up on fire.  However, he came to the studio in that very truck: “I drove the truck in, I did not burn it up!”

Dylan says the video featured some trick photography: “We got a junk truck and we burned it. It was a white F-150, like mine, a little older, they set it on fire.  So it looked like my truck was on fire, but it really was an older junk F-150 on fire.”

Dylan did many things during the pandemic.  One of them was start a residential trash collection business in his home state of Louisianna. “We started this business with a truck & a trailer. It’s been crazy, we’ve been in business for a year and a half, and we have 4 garbage trucks covering 4,000 houses.”  He found out that Luke Bryan has a similar business in his home state of Georgia: “Luke’s been doing this a bit longer, and he has even more houses.  But it’s fun to compare notes and talk trash with Luke Bryan.”

Dylan & his wife Blair have two young children.  There’s 4 year old Becket and 2 year old Finley: “I brought my son Becket with me on the road, brought him on stage during the show, and he had his little guitar, and he was rocking out, and the crowd went wild.  So the other night, he came over to me and said, ‘I’m a rock star, ain’t I daddy?’  I said, ‘Yeah son you’re a rock star.’  But I’ve got to settle him down. He’s only 4.”

There are actually two truck songs in the Top 5 this week.  Dylan explained: “I need a new truck, and Tim McGraw is selling his old truck for 7500 O B O.  I think I’ll give him $6000 for it. But I’m a huge Tim McGraw fan. It’s kind of cool, it’s a neat story.”

Dylan also has great stories this week about Morgan Wallen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Jon Pardi, Tyler Hubbard, and Eric Church.

NEXT WEEK: Kane Brown

 this week as Lon Helton was among the newest inductees into the National Radio Hall of Fame.  The induction ceremony will be held on Tuesday November 1 in Chicago.

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