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This week’s co-host is Kane Brown, who has one of the hottest hits of the summer with “Like I Love Country Music.”  Kane told Lon how it feels: “It’s been fun watching it, it’s been cool, because you never know what you’re gonna get from a song.  I like it cause it’s like a half-time country song.”

Kane just announced that he’ll release a new album called Different Man on September 9: “I’m a different person now, I’ve grown into my music, the way I wanna be.  I’ve grown into who I wanna be on stage. For all these years, people saw someone who was trying to find himself.”

Kane’s new album will include a duet with his wife Katelyn: “To me, it’ll probably be the biggest thing on the album, just because my fans have been waiting on it forever. When I met her, she was an artist.  Hopefully one day we’ll have an album together.” What’s the song? “I haven’t announced it yet, but I think it’s gonna be a huge wedding song.”

In addition to the duet with his wife, Kane had hoped to include a collaboration with Jason Aldean. “I’ve been dying to have a song with Jason, but I will say, one of the songs I sent him that he didn’t get back to me on, another huge country artist jumped on it. I haven’t mentioned this, but another country artist is on my album and I’m so stoked to have him on.” On Friday, Kane announced that other artist is Blake Shelton, who sings with Kane on the album’s title song. But it could have been Jason.

It’s obvious when you see Kane that he keeps in shape, both at home and on the road: “It started in 2019, I called out Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard to do this fitness thing with me.  I go to the gym six days a week. I’ve seen video of McGraw’s workout trailer, and I’m doing it next year.  It’s like Planet Fitness on steroids. If I went on the road with Tim, I would be exhausted, but I would push Tim even harder.”

A few months ago, Morgan Wallen told Lon that he & Kane work out at the same gym. Morgan also said that Kane had tried to get him to buy an orange Mustang. After hearing that story from Morgan, Kane told Lon, “It’s in the parking lot right now. I told him, he likes Tennessee. I loved the car but I don’t like the color, because I’m a Georgia fan. I told him he needed to buy it, and he never did. So I bought it, and now it’s so customized for me, that I can’t get rid of it. It’s my favorite car now.”

Later this month, Kane is heading down under to Australia: “It’s my first time in Australia. Sydney is one of my biggest streaming cities. I played small clubs when I played Europe, but I’ve already sold out arenas there.”  Anything on your bucket list to do? “One of my biggest fears is the ocean, and I think I’m gonna talk myself into going cage diving with sharks.  You might see little things floating on the water, but I’ll be in there!”

Kane also has great stories this week about Jon Pardi, Russell Dickerson, Ernest, Parmalee, and Walker Hayes.

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