Thomas Rhett’s Summer Fun

This week Lon’s co-host is Thomas Rhett.  It’s the first time Thomas has co-hosted from our studio in two years!  Prior to that, he co-hosted from his home studio.  As you can see, the weather has been great in Nashville, and Thomas just took delivery on a vintage Ford Bronco.  He told Lon, “I’ve wanted an old Bronco since I was 15 years old.  It’s worth it to watch my kids have a blast in the back seat. That’s the car we use to take them to school.”

Thomas namechecked Eric Church in his hit “Country Again.”  Thomas told Lon, “This is the closest me & Eric have ever been. We’ve been sending songs back & forth.  Eric will send me something unfinished at 2:00 in the morning.  To be one of those people that he shares music with is unbelievable. It’s been a neat friendship, and pinch me moment.”

“Slow Down Summer” has a celebrity connection. “I wrote that song with Sean Douglas, who’s the son of Michael Keaton, the actor. We were out staying at Michael Keaton’s house in Montana. We were partly out there on a fishing trip, and if we wrote a song, great. I remember Michael kept poking his head in the writing room. I think he was intrigued in the writing process.” So did you chat with Michael? “Oh sure! I caught my first rainbow trout with Michael. But I asked him if he still has the original Batman outfit, and he said yes. He said he tried to get his son to wear it for Halloween, but he refused.”

Thomas & Lauren’s youngest daughter Lillie just turned 6 months old.  “We have four under 6 years old.  The most challenging part about right now is they’re all in different phases of life.  One is taking a bottle. One is talking but in diapers, one who’s talking and is real sassy, and then Willa Gray who’s the golden child.  It’s just managing the different facets.”

Thomas just performed at the annual Stagecoach festival in California, where he ran into Jon Pardi: “He came out and sang with me.  We did Beer Can’t Fix together.  He sprinted out on my stage with a bottle of tequila.  He started to ride my mic stand like a horse.  It took us two minutes to get to the next song because I was laughing so hard.”

Thomas had two other special guests during his show at Stagecoach: “Hardy was also at Stagecoach, and I invited him to sing with me.  He was in the pit with the crowd during my show in a big floppy hat & sunglasses.  At this point, Ashton Kutcher is on stage with me singing Friends In Low Places, and so I called out to him, and invited him to sing with Ashton & me.  I could tell that the crowd didn’t recognize him.  They had no idea who he was.  In fact after he was done, he went back into the crowd and no one asked him if he was Hardy.”

Thomas also has great stories this week about Dierks Bentley, Cole Swindell, Dustin Lynch, Parker McCollum, and Katy Perry.

NEXT WEEK: Keith Urban

Luke Combs Back 2nd Week

Co-hosting for the second week is Luke Combs.  He begins his 2022 stadium tour next week in Denver.  He tells Lon he had to be talked into it: “I’m lucky to have an awesome team.  I’m always the guy who says we’re not ready for this yet.  I tend to be more of a realist.  But sometimes…MORE

Luke Combs At Final Four

This week’s co-host is the CMA Entertainer of the Year Luke Combs.  “It sounds even cooler hearing YOU say it!”  The big news is Luke & his wife are expecting a baby boy: “I’m thrilled, and ready, I think we’re ready now to meet him. I think we have a name picked out, but we’re not saying yet.” …MORE

Carly Pearce’ Chesney Experience

This week’s co-host is Carly Pearce. She just spent last weekend with Kenny Chesney, opening his Here & Now Tour in Tampa. “Just to get to witness his return to his fans was almost a religious experience. At one point he said ‘I feel like the holy spirit is here tonight.’ He sad that to 58,000 people.  I could feel…MORE

Cole Swindell’s New Girlfriend

This week’s co-host is Cole Swindell, who is in the Top 5 with “Never Say Never.”  His duet partner Lainey Wilson joins Lon & Cole in the third hour.  Cole updates us on his new album Stereotype, and new girlfriend, Courtney Little. Lon cut right to the news: How influential was the new girlfriend in the making of the new album?…MORE

Eric Church Carolina Fan

This week’s co-host is Eric Church, who spoke with Lon just a couple days after attending the NCAA Championship Game in New Orleans.  Lon begins the show by asking Eric if he’s recovered. “I did, first of all the Duke-Carolina game was the greatest thing I’ve witnessed in my 44 years. Very rarely does it live up to that. Having…MORE

Dierks Bentley Back To Work

This week’s co-host is Dierks Bentley, who is in the Top 5 with “Beers On Me.”  He’s also about to begin the “Beers On Me 2022 Tour.”  Plus he’s returned to Nashville full time after spending the pandemic in Colorado.  He explains how the transition has affected his work and family. For example, Dierks said, “I think…MORE

Elle King Party Queen

This week’s co-host is Elle King, who has a song in the Top 5 with Miranda Lambert.  During the course of the Countdown, Lon & Elle will receive phone calls from Miranda and Dierks Bentley.  They’ll also talk about Elle’s 6-month-old son Lucky. Elle tells Lon that she wrote “Drunk” when she was 24, around the same time she was…MORE

Sam Hunt’s Baby News

This week’s co-host is Sam Hunt, who is in our Top 5 this week with “23.”  He’s also been on the road quite a bit this year: “We’re playing festivals and fairs, anyplace that’ll have us, we’re up for playing after a year and a half off, we’re itching to get back out there.  I told my manager…MORE

Jon Pardi Rodeo Star

This week’s co-host is Jon Pardi, who introduces his brand new single, “Last Night Lonely.”  He also previews his big summer tour with Lainey Wilson.  And has some backstage stories from this year’s big UGM Show at the Ryman during CRS. Jon had just returned from his sold-out show at the Houston Rodeo: “It was a great show, it was really…MORE

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