Thomas Rhett & Wife Co-Host

This week, Thomas Rhett co-hosts the countdown from his home studio in Nashville. “Here I am, in the same basement I’ve been in since March!  This is home base for the foreseeable future.”  Plus he introduces his wife Lauren for a special appearance.  Her new book Living Love was just released last week. Thomas tells Lon that he and his family…MORE

Florida Georgia Line’s Africa Trip

This week, Lon’s co-hosts are Brian & Tyler of Florida Georgia Line.  Brian was at his beach house in Florida, and Tyler was in Cheyenne Wyoming, on his way back from a family vacation in Colorado. Lon began the show by asking the guys where they were when the lockdown began: Brian said: “To be honest…MORE

Justin Moore Co-Hosts From Beach

Lon’s co-host this week is Justin Moore, from his beach house in Florida. “We stayed at our home in Arkansas starting in March, and we haven’t been away from home too much. We decided to come down to the beach a few weeks ago. We thought it would be good to look out of a different…MORE

Maddie & Tae Co-Host Debut

This week, as you can see, Lon is socially distanced from his co-hosts Maddie & Tae.  They are each newlyweds, and they’ve spent the past few months with their respective husbands.  But they’ve survived: “It’s been really good! Everyone probably wants to smack us for saying that, but we’ve enjoyed being newlyweds in this quarantine. Now…MORE

Chris Janson Co-Hosts From Beach

This week, Lon’s co-host is Chris Janson, who is quarantined at his beach house in Florida.  “We’ve been here for 4-1/2 months.  We were taking our spring break. So we figured we were here, so we might as well ride it out.  That’s what we’ve been doing.  It’s a great time to catch up.” If you want…MORE

LoCash Socially Distanced Co-Hosts

This week, we’re three-way social distancing, as Lon and his co-hosts LoCash are in three different places. Lon is in our Nashville studio, Chris Lucas in in Tampa Florida, and Preston Brust is 30 miles from Nashville. “I haven’t been home this much in 20 years, but it’s so much fun to see our kids…MORE

Miranda Lambert Goes Camping

This week’s co-host is Miranda Lambert, who actually started the conversation with Lon walking in from the parking lot.  She was saying: “This is the first business thing I’ve done.  I haven’t had a work thing in a while.” Lon asked her where she was when the lockdown began: “I was about to leave for Australia.…MORE

Luke Bryan CMA Best Of Fest

Luke Bryan will host “CMA: Best Of Fest,” Monday July 13 on ABC TV.  When Luke co-hosted Country Countdown USA, he told Lon Helton how he got the chance to host the show: “Producer Robert Deaton called me and said, ‘Luke I know you’re in quarantine, but would you want to host CMA Best Of…MORE

Sam Hunt Cabin Quarantine

This week’s co-host is Sam Hunt. Lon began the show asking him where he spent the quarantine: “The first two months we spent in a little cabin south of town, we were quarantined there for the better [art of the spring. Things started opening up lately, so we’ve been venturing out slowly but surely.” What about…MORE

Luke Bryan on Idol 2021

American Idol faced some unique challenges in 2020, when the coronavirus shut down production, and forced the show to do the final rounds from everyone’s homes.  Luke Bryan told CCUSA’s Lon Helton that his situation in Tennessee was particularly difficult: “When I look at the logistics of what they had to do to make that…MORE

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